Whats up!? “Young” Nickolas here, you know the guy behind the station’s internet media production and also one of the hosts of the Nuts in the Morning show. I found my new home in radio through an internship from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, “Roll Tide!” and it has given me a career full of creative work that I have enjoyed ever since day one. Plus its a blessing to get to return to The Shoals, which has been a home for me and my family ever since we moved up here from Louisiana in 2010.

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Like my grandfather, I had an interest in art ever since I was little and I was encouraged by my family to develop my skills in creativity. Which directed me towards a career in media production and has brought me to work on projects for company branding, commercial advertising, documentary/film, photography, digital art, and website design.

When it comes to my home life, my attention goes into competitive video gaming, classic rock/soul music, shows like Game of Thrones/The Orville, Stand-up comedians like Bill Burr/Tom Segura, and movies like Nightcrawler/Interstellar. While also carrying a lot of interest in politics, psychology, science, and history.

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