Charlie Day’s ‘Biggest Regret’ Is That Ray Liotta Didn’t Get To See The Release Of ‘Fool’s Paradise’

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day spoke with Willie Geist on Sunday (April 9th) about his directorial debut in Fool’s Paradise. The film is expected to reach theaters on May 12th.

"My biggest regret is that Ray is not going to get to see the audience see him," Day said, referring to the late actor Ray Liotta. Liotta plays a powerful Hollywood executive in the movie-within-a-movie, which also stars Ken Jeong, Kate Beckinsale, Jason Sudeikis, Edie Falco, and John Malkovich.

"Ray would text me every three months like, 'Hey, man, what's going on with that movie we did? When is it getting out?' And I would say, 'Ray, I'm so sorry. I'm stuck back doing 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.' I have to deliver this season and as soon as I wrap, I'm going to get back into the editing room, so everything's on hold,'" Day told Geist.

He added that Liotta was “just a really driven, committed, serious-about-his-craft guy, and I feel lucky he's in the movie."