Man Steals 250 Boxes Of Girl Scout Cookies

A Guy Gets Caught with Drugs After Stealing 250 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

A 43-year-old guy named Joel Whittaker tried to steal a bunch of Girl Scout cookies from a grocery store in Minneapolis on Saturday . . . and I mean a TON of them.

He snagged 23 cases from a loading dock, and there are 12 boxes to a case. So that’s 276 boxes, worth around $1,250.

And he didn’t just grab them and go. He took time to pick and choose, and grabbed a variety of flavors. Which gave cops just enough time to get there and arrest him.

They showed up as he was driving away . . . pulled him over . . . and found the back seat of his car LOADED with cookies.

They also found two stolen license plates . . . some bolt cutters . . . a meth pipe . . . and a small amount of heroin.

He’s facing felony charges for burglary and theft.