16 Personality Types

I’m an INFJ, which may sound weird, but it is just one of the personality types out of 16 that you can find yourself being placed in from taking a free test on personalities.com. This isn’t an advertisement for their site, but a recommendation for a useful tool that has been helpful for my own personal insight and development.

Some people try to find understanding about themselves through astrology, which I’m an Aquarius, but I’ve found some inconsistencies with how astrology explains my personality and I’ve definitely met a few Aquarius people throughout my life that have varying personality traits that differ from me. Which drove me away from astrology in pursuit for answers elsewhere, hence how I got into psychology, where I found out that I’m the Advocate Personality (INFJ).

If you answer each question in the test truthfully, then the results will reflect your personality correctly. Plus, the personality type that the test gives you may not be exactly who you are, but that is why the results come with percentages, to show you that you favor certain attributes to a rough degree.

While reading about my results, I found out more about the differences between being introverted and extroverted. For example, “Extroverts are not as sensitive to outer stimuli and need to seek them out in order to gain a kind of functional equilibrium”, while “Introverts, are more sensitive and need to escape the same stimuli in order to be more functional.” Information like this helped me feel less like a hermit and more like a person that just needs a certain amount of alone time because “unlike extroverts, introverts can quickly exhaust their mental energy reserves, and they will only tolerate such situations so long before they yearn for solitude and quiet.”

Access to this information has helped me find more happiness by properly orienting myself with my goals and surroundings. If you choose to find out your own personality type, then you can begin to explore what strengths and weaknesses you have. Plus, the site even recommends things like romantic relationship information for each personality and what career paths are good for each type.

If you’re interested in finding out more about yourself or understanding your friends better, then take the 16 Personality Test for free. I’ve been asking a few people that I know and I’ve already been surprised by how their personalities were different then what I thought they were.